Frequently Asked Questions

MUWI and all the other products is right now available on KICKSTARTER and funded, our first production run in June 2018. We’re taking a limited number of preorders now at a discount over the final price. Current Preorders scheduled to ship in September 2018.

We ship to all over the world. We are co-operating with DHL and UPS to deliver our orders.

Muwi is robust in terms of mechanical and digital features. You can find the detailed explanations on warranty and return policy section.

MUWI lets you mount nearly all phone models with in a screen size of 4” to 6”.

Flow model is the most cost effective and easy way to add motion to cameras however it has no support for automatic camera shutter trigger. But it’s still a very precise solution for smart phones.

Nearly all the major camera brands and models are supported by the Flow-X, just need to choose your shutter release cable type. Check for your model on our Supported Cameras List.

As much as we would like to support every camera and every camera brand, we’re limited by how many cameras we can get our hands on to test. After we ship to our early backers, we’ll start working on adding support for more cameras. Please wait until then to buy if your camera isn’t supported.

We provide micro usb cable which lets you charge your modules from any energy source. Battery life depends on the usage time and motor speed.  They keep their performance  in a range of 2 hours to 48 hours. And also you can charge it while it’s being used if the usb port is free.

Yes, since Flow-X communicates with your iOS or Android smartphone, firmware upgrades can be loaded from the app. When new firmware is ready, the app will let you know and give you the option to update.

Both IOS and Android smartphones handle the time-lapse by their standard camera application. Once the time-lapse is set up, you can walk away and come back later. Also we are developing our App right now and we plan to provide more professional shooting experience with Flow modules to you.

Actually we designed and produced the inner and outer parts of the MUWI from a very tough plastic polymer with Carbon fiber reinforcements. It is really not easy to wear them. However we make it available for you to change tires, bearing and track closings easy. They are available in our shop.

No, but we are working on the XL version of the track if you need your MUWI to go further distance.

It is really reliable. The stainless steel ball joint mechanism is strong enough carry Dslr cameras steady. Weight will be depending on your lenses attached. However we tested that it can carry up to 2 kg / 4.4 lbs in vertical axis.

Please use our contact for to reach us and please do not hesitate to ask any question to us. We will be happy to answer it.