Before operating your Muwi and its companions, you can watch the user guide videos from the link below.

Which countries do your products ship to?2019-10-04T09:40:17+03:00

We ship all over the world. We are co-operating with FedEx, DHL, and UPS to deliver your orders.

Do you ship to Russia?2019-10-04T09:39:38+03:00

Shipments to Russia require a business address for delivery. We’re unable to ship to a private residence. Failure to do so will result in the product being returned to us. Re-shipment will be at the customer’s expense.

Where do you ship from?2019-10-04T09:39:02+03:00

Our storage is in Xiamen / China. All orders will be shipped directly from the storage.

When will my order ship?2019-12-08T12:55:05+03:00
  • Your order will be shipped within 48 hours, during business hours, Monday-Friday.

  • Important: All orders placed after 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) or 18:00 Central European Time (CET) during business hours (Monday-Friday) will get in the shipping queue the following business day. Disclaimer: All in-stock products ship within 24-hours. If your product is back ordered with a shipping lead time, the product will be shipped based on the lead time presented.

Where is my shipment tracking number?2019-10-04T09:33:35+03:00

It will be emailed the day it ships to the email address you have on the order.

Are Import Duties and Taxes included in the shipping fee?2019-10-04T09:32:58+03:00

Import duties, taxes, and other charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are your responsibility. When you get your products, your country might charge a duty or tax on your package. The express company clear customs on your behalf and charges you the duty before or after they leave the package. That fee is not charged by muwimotion.com and is not included in your order total.

Can I add an item to my recent order that has not shipped yet?2019-10-04T09:32:16+03:00

If your order has not yet shipped, we can help you add a product to your order and send it together.  Please contact our cs@muwimotion.com with your order number or order name.

Can I change my shipping address after placing my order?2019-10-04T09:31:43+03:00

If your order has not yet shipped, you may still be able to change the shipping address. Please contact our cs@muwimotion.com with your order number or order name.

How do I get in contact with the express company about my recently shipped order?2019-10-04T09:31:07+03:00

After we sent your tracking number; if you have inquiries about your order, you can get in contact with the carrier directly. 

  • You may visit their website and submit an Email Request.

  • You may reach out via phone at their contact telephone numbers.

How long will it take to get my order?2019-10-04T09:30:33+03:00

Depending on your location, the express company will deliver within 2 to 5 business days.

What if my package is returned?2019-10-04T09:29:58+03:00

If the package is returned to us from the shipper as refused, or they could not deliver; we will credit the difference of the amount you paid initially. However, we will deduct all shipping expenses (usually at this point, shipping expenses are both ways) and customs fees (if there is any). We can reship upon your request. However, additional shipping charges will be due.

What if my order is held in customs?2019-10-04T09:29:20+03:00

Some countries ask for import duties and taxes to be paid for upon arrival of receiving the parcel, which can sometimes cause an order to be delayed. Generally, the process for customs takes a few days, and the worst case is a few weeks. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for shipping delays due to customs. Estimated shipping timelines displayed at checkout will not factor in any delays from customs. If you don’t see movement on your parcel feel free to contact to cs@muwimotion.com .

My order hasn’t moved in a few days; I think it’s lost!2019-10-04T09:27:59+03:00

If you think your order was lost, we can reach out to our shippers and open an investigation claim for you. Typically, claims can take up to 14 business days (business days do not include Saturdays or Sundays) to hear back on a solution. During this time, we have to wait before we can send out a replacement or offer a refund. Often, packages turn up and are delivered during the investigation process, so we appreciate your patience during this window of time.

Do I get a refund or replacement if my package is lost?2019-10-04T09:27:23+03:00

If our shipper concludes after the investigation that your package has been deemed lost in transit, cs@muwimotion.com will reach out to you and offer a replacement or refund for your order.

May I have my prospective order shipped to a PO Box?2019-10-04T09:26:47+03:00

Shipping to a PO Box is not offered through express companies

May I request to have my package held at the nearest access point?2019-10-04T09:26:11+03:00

Yes, however, this option is only granted by the express company. Kindly reach out to our cs@muwimotion.com email if you require assistance.

What is your return and refund policy?2021-05-24T15:01:45+03:00

You can return your order and request a refund within seven (7) days after the delivery date of the product. You are also eligible for a full refund if you cancel before we ship your MUWI products. All items must be returned in re-sellable condition to receive a refund. Special sales and promotions may have modified return policies. Please note that the shipping fee is non-refundable unless our customer support (cs@muwimotion.com) has concluded that your return is related to a muwimotion.com shortcoming. For more information, please contact cs@muwimotion.com.

How do I return an item?2021-05-24T15:03:41+03:00

Customers must contact cs@muwimotion.com to request the return, explain the reason, and obtain shipping instructions. We advise you to use an express company with a tracking service. The return address is the same as the fulfillment warehouse address. Customers are solely responsible for shipping any returned products to muwimotion.com.

Do you charge a restocking fee for returns?2021-05-24T15:04:31+03:00

A restocking fee may be applied to returns.

I want to return my product. Do I have to pay for shipping?2021-05-24T15:05:25+03:00

Return shipping charges (and any applicable customs/duties fees) are the responsibility of our customers. This said, if our customer support (cs@muwimotion.com) has concluded that your return is related to a muwimotion.com shortcoming, you will not pay any money for returning your order or item.

Why can’t I return my item for a refund?2021-05-24T15:05:58+03:00

All MUWI products hold a seven (7) day money-back guarantee. If your purchase is over 7-days old, you might not return your item for a refund. However, we will try to find a suitable and satisfactory solution and try our best to solve your complaint. Please send us a message (cs@muwimotion.com) if you have any questions.

My products have been returned, when can I expect my refund?2019-10-04T09:22:57+03:00

Your refund will be processed within 14 business days from the day that your return is received by our fulfillment warehouse. Depending on your financial institution’s policy on credits, the funds may take 5-10 business days to reflect in your account. Once your refund has been processed, a confirmation email will be sent. If you have any questions regarding your refund status, we encourage you to send us an e email to cs@muwimotion.com.

What is the warranty length?2019-10-04T09:22:20+03:00

Twelve (12) months for all muwimotion.com made products. Muwimotion.com’s total liability relating to the supply of these products is limited to the purchase price.

What the muwimotion.com warranty Generally Covers?2019-10-04T09:21:47+03:00

Defects in the original product. We are assuming you are using the product in the manner it was designed. We carefully monitor the quality control procedure during manufacturing right through to assembly. If there is a manufacturing defect or warranty issue, we will do our best to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

What the muwimotion.com warranty Generally Does NOT Cover?2019-10-04T09:21:14+03:00

Neglected, mishandled or inappropriately used products; or modified, altered in any way except with the prior approval from muwimotion.com.

Muwimotion.com will not cover any additional customs or duties arising from the return or replacement procedure. This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage to the product. NOTE: Any issues caused by accidental damage are not covered under warranty.

How warranty procedures apply?2019-10-04T09:20:35+03:00

Muwimotion.com will repair the defect, or at its option, replace the defective product or parts of the product.

The main exclusions from the warranty are if the equipment has been: 

  • Muwimotion.com’s total liability relating to the supply of this equipment is limited to the purchase price.

  • Muwimotion.com does not accept any liability for damage to any other third party product that may or may not has been used in conjunction with a muwimotion.com product.

  • Muwimotion.com is not liable for damages or losses due to improper use of its products.

I have more questions, how can I reach you?2019-10-04T09:19:57+03:00

Please use our contact form to reach us or send us an email to cs@muwimotion.com and please do not hesitate to ask any question to us. We will be happy to answer it.

Where are you located in?2020-08-14T17:42:51+03:00

Our design, sales and marketing office is located in Long Beach in the State of California – USA. Our production and fulfillment facilities are located in Xiamen – China.

How may I tag you on Social Media?2019-10-04T09:18:51+03:00

You may direct any of your social media comments to us @muwimotion or tag us to your posts with #muwimomotion or #muwi.

Does muwimotion.com have any Sponsorship opportunities available?2019-10-04T09:18:19+03:00

Our marketing team would love to hear from you! You may submit your proposal to be considered.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our cs@muwimotion.com email.

Does muwimotion.com have any Partnership opportunities available?2019-10-04T09:17:48+03:00

Our marketing team would love to hear from you! You may submit your proposal to be considered.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our cs@muwimotion.com email.

Why is the product out of stock?2019-10-04T09:17:14+03:00

Time to time, some hot in-demand products and newly designed products might be out of stock. We sincerely thank our customers for their interest.

If a product you have interested in is Out of Stock, please be sure to check the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). We mostly apply pre-order discounts for Out of Stock parts. When they become available, you can be first to get it at the best price.

Respecting your timeline, we will do our best to give you realistic timeframes for delivery and get you the MUWI product you need!

Do you offer your products at any retail stores?2019-10-04T09:16:38+03:00

No, not yet. We hope to bring on additional domestic dealers and international distributors soon.  Contact us if you have any suggestions.

Do you have an ambassador program?2019-10-04T09:16:04+03:00

Are you active on social media, creative and passionate about photography and videography? If you believe you are a good fit and would make a great ambassador of MUWI products, submit your application at  cs@muwimotion.com.

What phones are compatible with the MUWI?2019-10-04T09:15:28+03:00

MUWI lets you mount nearly all phone models within the width of 82mm (3.22 in.) Also, with our additional adaptive phone holder, you can mount thicker and wider phones even without removing your protective case.

Is Muwi a professional product, and can I use it for my professional projects?2019-10-04T09:14:57+03:00

Besides its price tag away lower from Pro equipment’s lane,  MUWI is a piece of equipment for professionals can use. Free motion camera control as a dolly or slider and time-lapse and stop-motion modes are the significant features that professionals can get benefits out of Muwi. 

Our motto is “cinematic footage for everyone” and professionals included.

But also keep in mind that MUWI is a pocket-sized item. It has limitations on weight and size. It can not be treated as a heavy-duty tool. We recommend you to use it wisely.

For what kind of surfaces Muwi and Flow X designed?2019-10-04T09:14:24+03:00

They are designed for flat surfaces. Their wheels are small, bumps on the surface might affect performance. Flow X should have good contact and grip with the surface for its traction power.

Can I use long and heavy lenses with Muwi?2019-10-04T09:13:50+03:00

Yes, you can. A heavy and long lens can shift the center of gravity away from the Muwi, and tip forwarding will occur inevitably. However, the Swivel Clip will hold your camera in any direction in a steady position when the Counter Balance module attached.

Is it possible to replace parts of MUWI?2019-10-04T09:13:18+03:00

We make it available for you to change tires and bearings. They are available in our shop.

Do you offer repairs?2020-08-14T17:54:12+03:00

Sometimes we offer, but mostly we offer free replacement products or spare parts in case of build defects. Please send an email to cs@muwimotion.com about your problem!

What is the difference between the Flow and Flow X?2019-10-04T09:12:11+03:00

Flow is the simplest module that adds only one-directional motorized motion with analog speed adjustment feature to Muwi.

Flow X has a Bluetooth module. It can be controlled with a smartphone app or with its remote controller. It is capable of speed and direction adjustment. Also, it has Timelapse and Stopmotion functions with auto shutter release control over cameras as well.

What cameras are compatible with the Flow?2019-10-04T09:11:38+03:00

Flow module is the most cost-effective and easy way to add motion to cameras. You can use it to mobilize any camera within our weight specs. However, it has no support for automatic camera shutter trigger for time-lapse and stop-motion. Still, it is a very comfortable solution for smartphones.  

What cameras are compatible with the Flow-X?2019-10-04T09:11:06+03:00

You can use it to mobilize any camera within our weight specs. Nearly all the major camera brands and models are supported by the Flow X automated shutter release function. You need to choose your shutter release cable type at checkout.

What about if your camera is not in the support list?2019-10-04T09:10:26+03:00

As much as we would like to support every camera and every camera brand, we’re limited by how many cameras we can get our hands on to test.  We are adding support for more cameras every month. Please advise us if you have any wishes.

Is the Shutter Release Cable included with my order?2019-10-04T09:09:37+03:00

Yes, the shutter release cable included with Flow X. If you need more than one cable, you can purchase separately from Accessories. If your order is missing a Shutter Release Cable, kindly reach out to our customer service cs@muwimotion.com for assistance.

How do I know which Shutter Trigger Cable I need?2020-06-24T08:36:26+03:00

You can find out which shutter release cable you need for your camera model on the Flow X purchase page. Or you can check it from Shutter Release Cable Selection Guide. If you have any questions regarding what cable will best suit your camera, kindly send cs@muwimotion.com a message.

How to charge the Flow and Flow-X modules and how much is their battery life?2019-10-04T09:03:07+03:00

We provide micro USB cable which lets you charge your modules from any energy source. Battery life depends on usage time and motor speed in use.  Both modules can keep their top performance in a range of 6 hours to 72 hours. Stand by time is 60 days. You can charge them while they are in use if the USB port is free.

Do the Flow and Flow X include batteries with my purchase?2019-10-04T09:02:41+03:00

Yes, both products have rechargeable batteries inside, and Flow X’s remote controller has come with a standard, non-rechargeable battery as well.

What modules can the Muwi App control via my iPhone or Android smartphone?2019-10-04T09:02:15+03:00

Flow X motion control module can be controlled wirelessly using the Muwi App accessible at Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.

My Remote Controller does not function; what can I do?2019-10-04T09:01:46+03:00

Please first check batteries. Your batteries might have depleted, replacing them with the new one can solve the issue.

How can I start/stop video capturing with my Remote Controller?2019-10-04T09:01:14+03:00

First of all, pair your smartphone with Flow X via Bluetooth. Check for the title FLOW X in the Bluetooth connections menu of your smartphone. The blue color will light on Flow X when connected.

After the pairing, the Rec button on your remote controller will start/stop video capture on your default camera app or any other camera app on your smartphone.

Is it enough to have a smartphone to take a time-lapse video?2019-10-04T09:00:26+03:00

Both IOS and Android smartphones capture time-lapse video by their standard camera application. Their default camera app comes with automatic interval shooting. So it is enough only to adjust the desired speed/step of Flow X module to capture time-lapse with your smartphone.

Can I trigger my smartphone camera to take photo intervals like in DSLR cameras?2020-03-03T10:50:12+03:00

Yes, you will do it with our PH1 Shutter Release Cable for Smartphones. Pre-order now. With the help of these cables, you can have full control over a smartphone camera to take photos and precisely will be matched with Muwi steps. Customize move shoot delay, interval, and record time. Now you can capture extra high-resolution images and will create high-quality time-lapse videos with having full control over them.

Why there is two gears option for Flow X?2019-10-04T08:59:35+03:00

The purpose of Low and High Gear is to handle different weights. According to weight of your rig, ten (10) different types of gear will perform differently as speed.

Why Flow X move on different speeds on different weights?2019-10-04T08:57:20+03:00

Different setups’ (camera-lens, smartphones, rigs, etc.) weight needs different traction power to move. And Flow X dual gear system is designed for not only adjusting the speed also for improving the power. The same gear might produce different speeds on different weights. Make your selection considering your setup weight. For more precise performance we advise Dual Mode with two Flow X?

Why am I getting footage that looks shaky with my smartphone?2019-10-04T08:56:50+03:00

Muwi products are designed and optimized for Smartphones, DSLRs, and action cameras. This is a huge variety, and all the product cameras designed in entirely different ways. The optical image stabilizer causes the jitters you’re describing in the iPhones and some new generation Android Phones. It is trying to counteract the motions of the Flow X. To fix the vibration problem, we have developed a simple and adjustable vibration damper accessory. You can use it between Flow / Flow X and Muwi connection.

Why am I getting a warping effect (jello, wobble effect) when filming with my phone? Any solution?2019-10-04T08:56:21+03:00

This is because a lot of the new smartphones on the market comes with an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature. This stabilization works excellent to stabilize more significant movements, like when you’re holding the phone in your hand. In combination with high-frequency vibrations, however, the OIS often overcompensates for the movement and amplifies the waves resulting in a jello or warping effect.

Solution_1: To fix the vibration problem, we have developed a simple and adjustable vibration damper add-on. Use it between Flox / Flow X and Muwi connection.

Solution_2: We recommend using an app that allows you to turn this stabilization off, such as the Moment App or Filmic pro. Androids phones should already allow you to close stabilization on settings.

Solution_3: The Front Facing cameras do not have OIS feature. When you use them, there will not be any jello or warping effect by default.

How much noise to be expected to be captured by video?2019-10-04T08:55:27+03:00

Especially at high speeds, motor noise is inevitable. If you want to record the best environmental sound directly on your video, you need to use an auxiliary microphone (better with noise cancellation). We advise you to use lapel microphones or directional microphones.

How much noise does the Flow and Flow X motor make?2019-10-04T08:51:38+03:00

Motor noise varies depending on speed.  On fast speeds, noise from the Flow / Flow X  can be heard on recorded audio. Generally, this is not an issue as most slider and dolly shots are used without audio, and time lapses do not record any audio. Flow and FLow X noise levels are not more than any other professional equipment.

My Flow/ Flow X skids on the surface. What can I do?2019-10-04T08:48:36+03:00

As the Muwi designed to serve a variety of gadgets, you need to make minor adjustments to get the best efficiency. Weight distribution and center of gravity are the major ones. Use the Counter Balance module over your Flow X for adjusting the required weight to increase the traction of Flow / Flow X.

My Flow X has a loose or too tight connection with Muwi. Is it a problem?2019-10-04T08:37:25+03:00

No, it is not a problem. The screws under the Flow X tightened with a default torque for the average weighted gear. If yours are too much loose, we advise you to tighten them for your wish with a screwdriver.  In the opposite situation, you can loosen them. The adjustment can be made according to your setup.

Does attaching Flow X to any side of Muwi make any difference?2019-10-04T08:36:43+03:00

You can attach it to both sides. You might consider that Flow X wheel has an asymmetric location.  Position this wheel towards the same side as the lens. So it will be closer to the center of gravity and will have better traction.

Can multiple Flow X be operated from a few Smartphones within the same room without interference?2019-10-04T08:17:37+03:00

Yes! This can be done without any complications. We recommend connecting one product at a time to the selected device for seamless connectivity.