Take the control of your camera and adjust speed & direction remotely.

Via Bluetooth connection and remote controller, MUWI starts to shoot and moves at the same time.

FLOW X will go fast enough to follow the actionand slow enough to capture perfect time-lapses.

Technical Specs

Size:  (L x W x H): 60 x 75 x 23.5 mm (2.36 in. x 2.95 in. x 0.94 in.)
Weight:  65 gr (0.143 lb)
Load Capacity:  Up to 2 kg (4.4 lb)
Min. Speed:  0.004 in / sec (0.1 mm / sec)
Max Speed:  2.00 in / sec (50 mm / sec)
Motor Type: Micro Metal Gear DC Motor with ultra-high torque

Remote Control: Speed Adjustment Function - 30 Levels

Forward and backward direction control

One touch time-lapse mode button (2s, 5s, 10s, 20s)

Remote video trigger button

Standby mode

Power Input: Battery Operated with Micro USB Charge Input
Mobile Device Connection: Bluetooth low-energy communication.

Battery Life:  Up to 5 hours in active slide mode while in top speed.

                         Up to 56 hours in time-lapse mode.

                         Up to 60 days idle time.

                         750 mAh standard Li-ION battery.

Material: Carbon Reinforced Polymer Body with elastomer Nonslip  Tires
Compatibility: iPhone 5 and up. iOS 9.0 or later. Android 5.0 or later.

*Please check supported cameras list for your suitable shutter release cord

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