Flow turns your MUWI into a motorized dolly with one click.

Move Freely

Create amazing product reviews and advertising videos with Muwi. Combine it with Flow and achieve smooth motorized motions for your smartphone or DSLR.

Use Flow to add automated camera motion to capture your videos.

Your Creativity Deserve It

Flow lets you create hands-free automated camera motions for your videos. Carry your compact and motorized tabletop dolly to capture special moments at any time, anywhere.

Intuitive & Simple

There is no any swift way to get automated camera motion.

Combine your Flow with MUWI Track to get motorized camera motion.

Unleash the Potential

Thanks to the gimbal technology, now your tabletop dolly, Muwi has the power of thousands of dollars cost film making equipment.

Video by Funkybambi Lu

Force will be with you

An innovative way of use for your motorized tabletop dolly! Attaching mobile Gimbals to Muwi will bring you 4-Axis Motion & Target Tracking ability.

Video by Funkybambi Lu


Size:  (L x W x H): 60 x 75 x 23.5 mm (2.36 in. x 2.95 in. x 0.94 in.)

Weight:  70 gr (0.154 lb)

Traction Capacity:  Push / Pull Up to 4.5 kg (10lb.)

Min. Speed:  1.5 mm/ sec (0.06 in/ sec)

Max. Speed:  35 mm / sec (1.37  in./ sec)

Motor Type: Micro Metal Gear DC Motor with ultra-high torque

Power Input: Battery Operated with Micro USB Charge Input

Material: Carbon Reinforced Polymer Body with Elastomer Nonslip Tires

Battery Life:

  • Up to 6 hours in active slide mode while in top speed.

  • Up to 48 hours in active motion while in the slowest speed.