Flow X

$140.00 $99.00

Flow X is smart, wireless, and plug&play camera motion control module for Muwi. You can attach Flow X to both sides of the Muwi. It is a remote-controlled motorized dolly to mobilize your Muwi and make it controllable by your smartphone or with its remote controller. Linear and curved camera motions can be achieved at different speeds. Capture smooth motion pictures, time-lapse videos, and stop motions hands-free with Flow X.

What is in the box?
1 pcs Flow X
1 pcs Remote Controller (with CR20205 Battery)
1 pcs Charging Cable
1 pcs Shutter Release Cable
1 pcs Vibration Damper



Key Features

  • Compatible with Flow, Flow X, Swivel Clip, and Tracks
  • Smartphone control via Bluetooth
  • Remote controlled via Infra-Red remote controller
  • Programmable camera motions both for Time-Lapse and Stop Motion
  • It can be paired with a second Flow X for simultaneous precise and powerful motion
  • Wireless & Smart Motion Control Module of Muwi for Flat & Smooth Surfaces
  • Plug and Play Bidirectional Assembly to Muwi
  • Led lights to indicate power, speed, and mode selection
  • Two-Way Drive / Wireless Controls
  • Battery operated with Micro USB Charge Input

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