Smart Motorized Dolly

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Enhanced Muwi Motion Pack – The kit includes smart wireless motion module you need to capture cinematic videos over any smooth, flat surface. Read More

Muwi; Pocket-sized, table-top dolly to create linear or curved camera motions on flat surfaces. Motorized with Flow X and completely wireless and smart; Comes with a remote controller and shutter release cable. Including a Swivel Clip, which is a secure ball joint with a standard screw thread for the camera mount. The Counter Balance module can be used to stabilize light-weighted camera bodies having pro-longed lenses attached. Cantilever structure helps you to place weight on the desired level and position. Vibration Damper is for smoother Smartphone video capturing.

UPC: 723592153755

What is in the box?
1 pcs Muwi
1 pcs Swivel Clip
1 pcs Flow X
1 pcs Counter Balance
1 pcs Remote Controller
1 pcs Charging Cable
1 pcs Shutter Release Cable
1 pcs User Guide
1 pcs Carry Bag



Key Features

  • Ultra-portable Smartphone / Camera Dolly for Flat & Smooth Surfaces
  • Straight or Curved camera motions
  • Synchronous Rotation ease in determining center point to move around
  • Rotational Phone Holder 360 View in Any Direction
  • Retractable Phone Holder for Easy and steady tilting
  • Foldable legs and self-locking mechanism
  • Flexible camera mounting and positioning solution
  • The secure knob will keep the camera steady in any position
  • Compatible with Flow, Flow X, Swivel Clip, and Tracks
  • Smartphone control via Bluetooth
  • Remote controlled via Infra-Red remote controller
  • Programmable camera motions both for Time-Lapse and Stop Motion
  • It can be paired with a second Flow X for simultaneous precise and powerful motion
  • Wireless & Smart Motion Control Module of Muwi for Flat & Smooth Surfaces
  • Plug and Play Bidirectional Assembly to Muwi
  • Led lights to indicate power, speed, and mode selection
  • Two-Way Drive / Wireless Controls
  • Battery operated with Micro USB Charge Input

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