Vibration Damper

$15.00 $12.00

Vibration DamperĀ is designed to eliminateĀ high-frequency motor vibrations which are notĀ noticeableĀ in cameras but might cause a problem in smartphones. The reason is that; A lot of the new smartphones on the market come with an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature. OIS often overcompensates for the movement and amplifies the vibrations and cause a warping effect. Unfortunately, you might not turn it off.

What is in the box?
1 pcs Vibration Damper



Key Features

  • Plug and Play Bidirectional Assembly to Muwi.
  • Can handle straight or curved camera motions.
  • Compatible with Muwi, Swivel Clip, Flow, Flow X and Tracks.

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