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Unboxing & Test of New Muwi

“Unboxing and test of the new Muwi, a pocket-sized dolly for smartphones and cameras. In this video we’ll be doing an unboxing and test of the Full kit which includes the Muwi, Swivel Clip, Flow X and Track S. #MuwiMotion” (Via @Justin Rae)


Muwimotion hands on!!

“Kickstarter で投資したMUWIが届きましたので、開封してみました!” (Via @4mo6 shimomu)


Muwi Motion Pocket Slider Review

“Quick review of the Muwi Motion pocket slider and some of the accessories I have after backing the project on Kickstarter” (Via @Mark Draper)



“ドリー撮影ができる「スライダー」のmuwi。電動スライダーにもなるし、レールもあるしと万能です!” (Via @ヴァガボンド193)


MUWI Pocketable Motorised Slider Review

“A review of the pocketable MUWI motorised slider.” (Via @Wonk)


Tiny budget motorized slider

“…So it’s time to put it to the test. No talking today, wanted to try how it could work without me talking….” (Via @Krea City)


Muwi Motorized Slider Product Review

“…If you’re thinking about buying this slider, this honest review is perfect for you.” (Via @Bernard Lau)


Smartphone Studios: The Muwi Dolly

“In this episode of Smartphone Studios, we show you how to use the Muwi dolly to make some smooth smartphone shots! Now say that three times fast…” (Via @BIB Media)


Review from Cruisn Canada

“The Muwi Desktop Slider. Lets unbox this and take a look. See if its worth the money.” (Via @Cruisn Canada)


Beauty Tips

Do kick-ass make up videos with MUWI. Tips, tricks and reviews for make-up bloggers.


Coffee lovers!

How you describe the taste of a good coffee? Maybe some motion can help.


Who is in the kitchen?

A delicious taste deserves fantastic motion pictures. Great food shots and presentations, all can be done with MUWI.


Share some art!

Creativity is a live process. How would you like to present it? MUWI will help you to spread it with all the emotion in it.



Cool new product you have. Show them how they works in motion. Muwi will turn your reviews into a masterpiece.


How it’s made?

As a craftsman show the beautiful side of your work to your audience, followers or customers.