Snap the Swivel Clip on your MUWI and point your camera 360 degrees steadily.

360 Degrees

Point your camera 360 degrees steadily. It is one of its kind pan & tilt solution to frame your shots effortlessly.

Swivel Clip's secure ball joint allows you to capture videos from any angle.

Snap – On

Swivel Clip instantly grabs MUWI safe and rigid enough to not let them swinging. The secure ball joint allows you to capture from any angle.

Just Snap!

Just snap the SWIVEL-CLIP, and mount your DSLR, mirrorless or action cameras.

Give different angles to the ball head and tighten it at the preferred position.
You can determine the tightness of the ball joint considering your equipment weight on Swivel Clip.

Adjustable Balance

The counterbalance add-on provides a counterforce to keep the balance between the camera lens and the camera that is mounted on Muwi.

If the right counterbalance is maintained, the camera remains stationary at any tilt angle.

With Swivel Clip, your MUWI turns into a must have video camera equipment.

Calibrate your Setup

You do not need to worry about holding the camera by hand and yet are able to maintain precise targeting of the camera lens.

The counterbalance add-on will also provide the extra track traction to the Flow / Flow X in case of skidding.


Size:  (L x W x H): 76 x 37 x 41 mm (3 in. x 1.45 in. x 1.61 in.)

Carrying Capacity:  Up to 2.5 kg (5.5 lb.)

Weight:  45 gr (0.1 lb.)

Mounting Options:  Mounts under all ¼” – 20 Holes

Material: Glass Reinforced ABS Body & Stainless Steel Ball Joint

Additional Features:  Mounts to *Counter Balance

  • Counter Balance Weights 322 gr (07.1 lb.)

  • Cross-Angled weight adds extra balance to off-center Camera/Lens assemblies.

  • Add extra traction power against Flow/Flow X skidding.